maandag 25 juli 2011


When I saw this in the advertisement of Kruidvat, I knew this was a good opportunity to buy some new Nailpolishes! Catrice is a low-budget make-up brand with many nailpolishes with beautiful colors. 

These two are the ones I bought! On your left you see Catrice's London's Weather Forecast
and on your right you see Catrice's Bloody Mary To Go.

I had Bloody Mary To Go already on my wishlist, since I wanted a boomboombang red nailpolish. The only one I had was from a non-brand and I wasn't happy with the quality. So when I went to Kruidvat, standing in the store in front of the make-up section, I immediately grabbed Bloody Mary To Go. But then I was hesitating about the second one. Which one should I choose? They are all admireable! So I asked my boyfriend, who was with me, to choose instead. He picked London's Weather Forecast because 'it looked mysterious'. Funny, since I'm not that into non-happy colors except black. And a couple days ago I said on another blog that I'm not into liver-colored nailpolishes. But hey, anything to make my boyfriend happy. 

Later, on the same day, my boyfriend and I are watching a movie. During the commercials, I wanted to try out my new polishes and I decide just to swatch them on the same hand next to each other. And I kinda liked the result:

In real life, London's Weather Forecast is a bit darker. But here I took the photo in sunlight. 
I think the red en the grey matches together!  I didn't expect that because I didn't choose the two myself. I think it has something romantic. The red stands for the romance in life, and the grey part for 'love does not always goes as you think'. It can be good and bad. OR: Lady and the tramp.

So, what do you think of it?

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  1. Leuke en leuke foto's er ook bij! :)

    PS. Doe je al mee aan mijn winactie's?

  2. die rode vind ik super mooi ! :D


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