donderdag 14 juli 2011

DIY - What I did with my white shoes

I didn't bought these white shoes here in my previous post because they are/were white! I used them to go all creative on them. And in honour of the last part of the last Harry Potter movie (sob), I made these myself:

Sorry for the crappy copyright by the way, But I wanted to make sure nobody would steal this picture. So, what do you think? I wore them for the Midnight première and everyone was looking at me like '... You GEEK!' I felt like one of these nerds from Big Bang Theory, only less smart. 

I used: 
  • H&M shoes (€9,95)
  • Textile paint (goldyellow, red, black)
  • Inspiration pics from the internet

I'm planning to do this more (working/playing with textile paint)! Do you want to see it in tutorials? Also, do you think I should do something about the blue-white striped shoe-tongue? I really think it fits with the yellow and red, but I want your opinions!

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