maandag 4 juli 2011

Harry Potter actors Jason Isaacs and Evanna Lynch Antwerp

As a real Harry Potter freak, I went Wednesday 29th of July to Antwerp station with my best friend and my brother to see both Harry Potter actors Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) and Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood).
In honor of the last part of the last HP-movie, which comes out 13th of July, they opened a photo exhibition at the central station in Antwerp. We waited about one and a half hour to see them arrive and got their autographes! 

My lightening bolt with permanent marker
My best friend's keychain (flying key, Lego, Gryffindor colors bracelet)
The big banner in Antwerp centraal
The red carpet and lots of fans

Jason Isaacs
Evanna Lynch, signing for my best friend

Both actors signed my friend's book titled "Tales of beedle the bard" Left: Evanna, Right: Jason

At was one fun day! Jason rapidly signed the book but is a real gentleman
Evanna is very sweet, she complimented my best friend on her earrings and necklace (radishes and spiders) and was very willing to go on a picture with her (which I did not post because of my friends privacy)

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  1. :D Zalig :D helaas moest ik werken, anders was ik ook geweest. Wat zou ik graag Alan Rickman eens ontmoeten! Snape is echt mijn favoriet van de films en boeken ;)


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