zaterdag 23 juli 2011

EYE to the LINER #3

Today I'm going to show you guys (excuse me, girls!) Go, Get Bronzed, a liquid eyeliner of the new assortiment of Catrice. Which is already some time in the stores.

As you can see, this eyeliner has a vilt tip. Good to draw fine lines with it! At first, I thought I was buying a brown colored eyeliner. Wrong, in a way. The swatch shows you shimmery brown. Which makes it bronze, a more lightbrown color. Let's try it on I guess!

Here you go! Bronze eyeliner! I think it's kinda goldy. Perfect for daily wear. It dries not thàt quickly, but acceptable quick. It's also waterproof if you ask me. I left it on all evening and it doesn't smear out all over your eyelid. Now let's see it with mascara:

 Lovely, if I may say! This eyeliner goes to my box of favorites! (Yes I have that, just because I can) 

 Here I tried to make a full face picture, but I guess I'm really shy. And excuse me for my nosepiercing sticking out like that. He sometimes does that. Silly nosestud! Don't worry, he's okay, not infected or something.

Hope you like it! 
PS: are my eye-pictures not thàt creepy? I mean, you can see my contact lenses and all... 

Cheers! ♥

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