maandag 11 juli 2011

That's Money Honey #2

Last Saturday, I went shopping in Antwerp City! I didn't had any sale buys yet, so needless to say how excited I was! 

First stop: The Body Shop. I already told you I was admiring coco as my new summer smell. I didn't had a body shower gel yet, so here it is! 
€12 €5


This bracelet comes from the store Bijoux Brigitte and I found it sexy glitter mixed with rock 'n roll! Sometimes you see a jewelry and you instantly fall in love with it ♥
€12 €5


I bought yellow textile paint (soon a blogpost about what I made with it), a painting pencil for doing some nail art soon, and rolfondant for making my cupcakes look like they live
all €2,95


These sandals are kinda Romanian, I like!
Sac d'Anvers
€15 €5

I KNOW, these are fake Uggs and totally for winter times. But hey, sales are sales! And I fell in love with the buttons on the side ànd the color (olive green)
Sac d'Anvers
€15 €10

What you certainly do not expect from me: white shoes?! Don't worry, at this time, they aren't white anymore ;) curious much of what I did with them? 

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  1. Van waar zijn de hobby spulletjes? Pippoos?

  2. wauw good buys girl :)

    Join the vintage give-away on my blog if you like!

  3. De hobby spulletjes zijn inderdaad uit de Pippoos!


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